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Dynamite Kids.

We bring our positive energy, dynamite expertise, and resources to improve the lives of children and the families who love them.


Dynamite Care.

Join our dynamite team of professionals who share your passion for changing the lives of children and families. Click below!

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We come to your home or community based location

Dynamite Therapy brings physical, occupational, and speech therapies, as well as developmental special instruction and service coordination directly to your home or community based location (such as a daycare or park). These natural learning environments are documented as being highly effective for optimizing a child’s ability to learn. We work directly on functional daily life skills that your family identifies as most important.

Our Dynamite Services

These are our Dynamite children’s therapy services offered throughout Arizona and Arkansas for all ages and ability levels. All of our services are family-friendly and family-centered, occur within the home-based setting, and are used to encourage developmentally age-appropriate and/or functional everyday life skills. We love kiddos and their families!

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‘‘We will never forget the kindness, care and patience you showed our son.‘‘

Real Parent

‘‘We love Ms. Heather! Since she has started, our daughter has increased her vocabulary and gained about a year in developmental growth! She has worked wonders for our family!‘‘

Real Parent

‘‘Our therapist is the best Occupational Therapist my child’s ever had; I can think of NO IMPROVEMENTS when my expectations have already been exceeded. Thank you.‘‘

Real Parent

‘‘You’ve helped us believe in his ability and celebrate his progress. Your dedication to your work, our son, and faith in him never waived.‘‘

Real Parent

‘‘She has been able to keep our daughter’s attention (which is a miracle) and is quickly able to refocus her when she gets off task! We love Hilary!‘‘

Real Parent

In the Media

Watch Lana Graber, CEO and Speech-Language Pathologist for Dynamite Therapy, on with Olivia Fierro on Good Morning Arizona!


Have you ever wondered: What is Autism? Then be sure to watch this informative video about autism, as we shed some light on Autism. During this interview on Good Morning Arizona, you’ll be introduced to Lana Graber, CEO and Speech-Language Pathologist


Discover how the Dynamite Therapy team played an active role in helping young Abraham, who was born with clubfeet, learn how to walk. You can read about his story here.


Read here how one of our Dynamite therapists helped change the lives of a special family in Arizona.


We are here for you!


Please call our Dynamite staff anytime you have any questions at all. You will speak with one of our friendly staff members who will be happy to assist you anytime.


Career Life

Working at Dynamite Therapy is in one word…DYNAMITE!

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Our culture is about improving lives, providing great opportunities, and motivating dynamite performance in our employees and clients, all while whistling while we work. Simply put, our employees are rock stars!

Since 2007, we have been recruiting dynamite therapists who sparkle with passion and devotion to build brighter futures for children with developmental disabilities in Arizona and Arkansas. We started with one dynamite speech therapist and have since grown to approximately 100 hand selected and devoted employees.

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Are you a Dynamite Provider?

Dynamite Therapy is an outstanding group of therapists who provide collaborative home-based therapy services to children of all ages all over the beautiful states of Arizona and Arkansas. This allows our therapists to have a flexible schedule that meets their needs and they love it! It is an exciting work environment because we are engaging directly with the clients and families within their home and community based setting. Dynamite Therapy has career opportunities for all therapists and providers. You tell us what you are looking for and we work with you to make an ideal work situation for you! Whether it is full-time or part-time, day-time or moonlighting, we have the opportunities you are looking for. Once you join our team, our dynamite administrative team is committed to helping you through any obstacle that comes your way.

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We are a Dynamite pediatric, home-based agency in both Arizona and Arkansas.

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We are a growing Dynamite team of approximately 100 hand-picked devoted team members.

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We offer a Dynamite $ign-On Bonu$ for new full time employee therapists.


Yes? Join Our Dynamite Team!

We love growing our team with awesome people like you! We are extremely proud to be one of the largest team based, early intervention providers in the state of AZ!


‘‘Absolutely proud to be a part of an agency that gives so much heart to our community.‘‘

Dynamite Provider

‘‘I love Dynamite Therapy because they truly value each employee.‘‘

Dynamite Provider

‘‘Thank you for being so fantastic, and making this a great work place for the last 5+ years!‘‘

Dynamite Admin Team

‘‘Working for Dynamite is fulfilling and rewarding at the same time, they are flexible and understanding.‘‘

Dynamite Provider

‘‘I just wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent work you guys have done for me in finding so many new clients in such a timely manner.‘‘

Dynamite Provider


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