The Gift of Little Steps: Dynamite Therapy Gives Back [Video]

Dynamite Therapy patient with his mother and donated holiday gifts
Dynamite Therapy patient with his mother and donated holiday gifts

The holidays are a time of generosity and gift-giving. A time to welcome others into our homes for good cheer. Some families also welcome direct care workers who have played such a pivotal role in their child’s development as they feel like family.

This is the case for the Dionicio household. Originally from Guatemala, Claudia Dionicio and her husband have seven young children, including one special-needs son, Abraham. Seventeen-month old Abraham, a member of the Arizona Early Intervention Program (AzEIP), was born with clubfoot.

According to the Opens new tab to Mayo Clinic websiteMayo Clinic, clubfoot describes a range of foot abnormalities usually present at birth, in which a baby’s foot is twisted out of shape or position. About half of children with clubfoot have it in both feet like Abraham.

The gift of little steps

“Four months ago, he wasn’t even crawling,” said Nora Carrillo, a Development Special Instructionist with Dynamite Therapy, an AzEIP provider. “Now he is taking steps unassisted and can turn around.”

After his weekly physical therapy sessions, Dionicio works with her son to practice his movements. And now, the toddler is progressing well and reaching all his other milestones.

To further celebrate the season and Abraham’s progress, the entire Dynamite team conducted an Adopt-a-Family holiday donation drive to help the Dionicios fulfill their holiday wish list. On December 19, three Dynamite staff members delivered packages filled with a set of clothes, shoes, and toys for each child, diapers for the little ones and a small pre-lit tree. Of course, the best gift of all is the gift of little steps Abraham is making in his development.

This blog was originally published on the Arizona Department of Economic Security website.

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